Weekly Wrap – 30th January 2014


Hi I am Tom McLeod, Managing Consultant of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

Senior Management – Lack of Exposure to Boards

Many years ago I was working in an organisation and a very senior manager – indeed part of the executive team – came up to me and asked what should he wear to the Audit Committee meeting that was being held the next day?

It was a question that really stumbled me.

Firstly it was obvious that he should be wearing a suit.

But then it struck me – this person, despite being very senior in the organisation and very advanced into their career, had never had any real exposure or experience to Boards and the etiquette that goes with it.

And that is the topic of our Weekly Wrap today.

Getting Exposure to Boards and How they Operate

How does one get that experience other than through the bitter and sometimes destructive force of real time exposure?

For organisations to run well, both Boards and management have to understand their role as it relates to overall corporate governance.

And yet for many it is a product of trial and error; a product of embarrassment and awkwardness that they go through until such time as they fully understand what it is that they have to do at the Board level – whether that is presenting or whether it is being presented to.

Seeking Out the Right Mentors

My challenge for all those watching today is not so much to go through those trials and tribulations but more so to seek out the right mentors.

Ask people that have been through that process what happens in an organisation’s Board meetings.

Ask what it is that you should be presenting and how you should be presenting it.

And perhaps most importantly ask what you should be wearing.



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