Weekly Wrap – 29th August 2013

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1.15 – A different definition of corruption

1.35 – How do you define corruption in your organisation?

Video Transcript

Hello I am Tom McLeod, Managing Consultant of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

Last week I had the real pleasure – and privilege – to speak at the Australian CPA Congress in Fiji.

The topic of my presentation was “Lessons Learnt from a Mining Boom”.

But it was more so the conversation that I had afterwards with a key speaker that I found fascinating and really pushed my understanding of a key concept.

The key note speaker was the Prime Minister of Fiji and it was a momentous period for Fiji for they had just announced their new Constitution that will lead to elections in September 2014.

An element of the Constitution is the eradication of corruption and it was this topic that I spoke to him about after his presentation.

In our discussion I asked him how rampant corruption was in Fiji.

And he said to me that it is a problem but you have to define it properly.

To I asked what did he mean?

And he said to me that corruption is not only that which is overt but that which is embedded into policies and procedures.

So essentially processes and procedures that are designed inefficiently from the start.

It is a definition of corruption that I have never heard before and it got me thinking to – what is corruption?

And that is the purpose of today’s post.

How do you define corruption in your organisation?

And then secondly how do you test that definition with others?

For me – my test was with the Head of Government of a sovereign state.

It was a very interesting conversation.

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