Weekly Wrap – 16th October 2014


Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

“I couldn’t think of anything worse than being an internal auditor”.

That is what the email that I was sent last week said.

“I couldn’t think of anything worse than being an internal auditor”.

Now I think the purpose of that email was to elicit a response from me and I didn’t give the emailer the pleasure of my response.

But today I wanted to deconstruct how I would have responded to that person had I taken the opportunity to do so.


Firstly I am very proud to be an internal auditor.

It has delivered to me some of the most fascinating life experiences that I could have ever imagined.

I have worked with people and seen situations that, had I not been an internal auditor, I would never have been privy to.


Secondly the opportunity to challenge myself in the role has actually allowed and opened up many other opportunities outside of the internal audit world.

Now I love internal audit and always will – but equally someone that is passionate about internal audit becomes a subject matter expert on how business operates.  And it is the use of that expertise that has been to my personal and, hopefully, the organisations that I have worked with benefit.

Stop Talking Ourselves Down

The third thing that struck me was that we as a profession have done a very poor job in selling and extolling the virtues of our profession.  Too often we sit back and joke about internal audit.  Indeed I once attended a session run by the Institute of Internal Auditors which was titled “Selling the Unsaleable – Internal Audit in the Current Age.”

Now with that in mind I want to challenge us all to never again to take a backwards step when someone raises the prospect that internal audit is not the job that they think that it actually is.

Most of the times those comments are made out of ignorance and it is our challenge – our opportunity – to change minds.

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