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The Capital Hill Baby Sitting Co-Op Depression

Whimsical parables are not a waste of time but the key to enlightenment[Read more]

The Allais Paradox

Twice as many people opted to go under the knife when the chance of survival was given as 80 percent than when the chance of death was given as 20 percent.[Read more]

The Missing Piece in Good Risk Management

Have we inadvertently come across the missing piece in good risk management?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 25th September 2014

What makes a good audit and risk service provider?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 4th September 2014

What Makes A … Good Risk Management Advisor?[Read more]

Poor Insulation

Lessons learnt from a poorly planned and poorly implemented economic stimulus effort.[Read more]

Real Time Information – The Lost Decades

We have failed to properly position ourselves in the corporate information lifecycle as having an output where the real time currency of our product is important.[Read more]

The HLB Internal Control Indicator

We have devised an indicator of the strengthening of an internal control environment.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 26th June 2014

Audit, risk and governance training hasn’t changed for 50 years – yet the world has changed around it! It is time to embrace the concept of MOCCs to reach the “other 99%”![Read more]


Why a crisis isn’t danger + opportunity[Read more]