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A Good Chief Information Security Officer

What makes a good Chief Information Security Officer?[Read more]

Living in the Past

Can you guess which critical US IT system runs on an IBM Series/1 Computer and uses 8-inch floppy disks? Managing IT legacy systems.[Read more]

Leveraging Technology

Leveraging technology to enhance audit quality and effectiveness.[Read more]

Calling Houston

How does NASA manage its smartphone and tablet inventory?[Read more]

One Minute to Midnight

When it is One Minute to Midnight who will have the courage to override the seemingly infallible?[Read more]

The Bell Tolls

What lessons can be learnt from trying to introduce new technology on a grand scale?[Read more]

Review Of Reliability Of The Air Force Personnel Data System

The United States Government Accountability Office – the audit, evaluation and investigative arm of the United States Congress has an extraordinary long and fine tradition of authoring seminal reports into the internal control environments of those[Read more]