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Weekly Wrap – 9th October 2014

Should auditors receive bonuses?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 25th September 2014

What makes a good audit and risk service provider?[Read more]

The National Fraud Initiative

The benefits of a comprehensive data matching exercise.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 28th August 2014

What makes a good Chief Audit Executive?[Read more]

Selected – The Recruitment Process

Everyone in the recruitment process is an expert![Read more]

Real Time Information – The Lost Decades

We have failed to properly position ourselves in the corporate information lifecycle as having an output where the real time currency of our product is important.[Read more]

Checks and Balances

“Viewing a gentleman’s word as his bond, beyond all further challenge, belongs more to a 19th century club than to a 21st century legislature.”[Read more]

BitCoined – Understanding Virtual Currencies

Understanding virtual currencies and managing their risks.[Read more]

Hold the Line

Making the most of an organisation’s purchasing power in the procurement of telecommunication services[Read more]