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Risky Business – the GAO’s High Risk Series

The Government Accountability Office’s High Risk Series[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 19th February 2015

What happens to risk and audit when the shredding business is booming?[Read more]

Audit’s Hadron Collider

Is an audit equivalent of the Hadron Collider really that far fetched?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 22nd January 2015

What will change in internal audit in 2015?[Read more]

What is the Internal Audit Brand?

What is it that is on the second half of the chess board?[Read more]

Auditing’s Stockholm Syndrome

Is there an auditing equivalent of the Stockholm Syndrome?[Read more]

Auditing the Auditors – Peer Review of the GAO

The moment that an auditor is audited always brings with it a sense of trepidation.[Read more]

Hacking NASA

Reviewing the security of NASA’s publicly accessible web applications.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 16th October 2014

“I couldn’t think of a worse job than internal audit!”[Read more]

Transforming Contract Management

The root cause of the weaknesses in contract management is failure over many years to establish contract management as a distinct and respected specialism.[Read more]