Report of the Week

How Well is Your Internal Audit Function Performing?

Measuring internal audit performance.[Read more]

Auditing Controversial Areas

A model report on how to audit an area that is likely to generate controversy and high emotion.[Read more]

Doubling Up

The Doubling Up Report – An examination of fragmentation, overlap, and duplication.[Read more]

IoT 101

The Internet of Things – current status and future implications.[Read more]

Managing Fraud Risk

Does your organisation have the mechanisms in place to appropriately manage the risk of fraud?[Read more]

The Right Stuff – NZ Immigration Transformation

“Turned a project that was at risk of failing into a business transformation programme that was delivered broadly on time and to budget.”[Read more]

i6 – Police Scotland’s Failed IT System Implementation

How often does “early disagreement contributed to a breakdown in relationships …that never fully recovered” mean trouble in an IT system implementation?[Read more]

La Poste’s Challenges

The challenges of a French institution[Read more]

Destination: Mars 2020

The challenges in a project to support the NASA’s goal of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s.[Read more]

Contract Management in Haste

Last week the Australian National Audit Office released a most fascinating report into the contract management of the offshore facilities that Australia uses in their processing of refugees. For the avoidance of all doubt this analysis of that report[Read more]