Honestly Lay Bare

The Graveyard Spiral

When you loss the ability to judge the orientation of an organisation due to the brain’s misperception of spatial cues[Read more]

The International Conference of 2042

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The World’s Best Auditor

If you can rank a restaurant as being the world’s best then why not auditing?[Read more]

Selling Audit Opinions

What processes does your organisation have in place to detect such manipulation of the most important output of an audit?[Read more]

Why Aren’t More Auditors Talking About Blockchain?

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Internal Audit’s Identity Crisis

Get out there and be the single best auditor that your organisation has ever seen.[Read more]

Selling Widgets – A Short Review of Auditors General Webpages

Communicating to the world – a short review of Auditors General Webpages[Read more]

Once Upon a Time

Who remembers an organisation’s history?[Read more]

Left Unsaid

Are we talking about globalisation, technology and talent?[Read more]

Analysing IIA Global President’s 2016 Missives

From the Global President’s Mouth.[Read more]