Master Class

How Well is Your Internal Audit Function Performing?

Measuring internal audit performance.[Read more]

The Graveyard Spiral

When you loss the ability to judge the orientation of an organisation due to the brain’s misperception of spatial cues[Read more]

Auditing Controversial Areas

A model report on how to audit an area that is likely to generate controversy and high emotion.[Read more]

The International Conference of 2042

The world has changed. We have changed. Our profession has changed.[Read more]

The World’s Best Auditor

If you can rank a restaurant as being the world’s best then why not auditing?[Read more]

Doubling Up

The Doubling Up Report – An examination of fragmentation, overlap, and duplication.[Read more]

Selling Audit Opinions

What processes does your organisation have in place to detect such manipulation of the most important output of an audit?[Read more]

IoT 101

The Internet of Things – current status and future implications.[Read more]

Why Aren’t More Auditors Talking About Blockchain?

Why aren’t auditors embracing blockchain?[Read more]

Managing Fraud Risk

Does your organisation have the mechanisms in place to appropriately manage the risk of fraud?[Read more]