Doubling Up

Long time readers of our Report of the Week will know that we are big fans of the broad remit that the United States Government Accountability Office operates under.

The GAO is – and we are open to being proven wrong – likely to explore the widest ranges of topics under its auspices of being an independent assessor.

It is in that context that we always enjoy what we call colloquially their Doubling Up Report.

More accurately it is known as Additional Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication and Achieve Other Financial Benefits

As to what constitutes fragmentation, overlap and duplication, the report notes:

The report itself is a well constructed consideration of where opportunities exist.  For instance:

The Army and Air Force need to improve the 39 management and oversight of their virtual training programs to avoid fragmentation and more efficiently and effectively acquire and integrate virtual devices into operational training and
potentially save tens of millions of dollars.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and National 59 Institute of Justice could reduce overlap and fragmentation of data on missing and unidentified persons by evaluating and implementing options to improve data sharing, thereby helping to solve these cases more efficiently.

OMB should convene an interagency forum to better manage fragmentation of efforts to collect sexual violence data that can improve the overall understanding of the scope of this problem in the United States.

By better aligning federal payments 86 for hospitals’ uncompensated care—services provided to uninsured and low-income patients for which hospitals are not fully compensated—with hospitals’ costs, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services could potentially save over a billion dollars annually.

We have never seen an organisation undertake a review of this nature and it beggars the question – why not?

Undertaking such work would not impinge on the independence of your audit function – the GAO clearly doesn’t think that it does.

And by identifying the doubling up you will also help identify the lax management that should have identified the same before the auditors arrived.


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