Press Room

Media Comment: The Need for Auditor Rotation

McLeod Governance was quoted in the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald on 18th March 2014 about the need for the rotation of auditors.[Read more]

Media Comment: The Wisdom of Crowdsourcing

McLeod Governance was quoted in the October 2013 edition of “Internal Auditor” (worldwide distribution 180,000) on the benefits and risks of crowdsourcing in business and in audit.[Read more]

Media Comment: Release of Transparency International 2013 Corruption Perception Index

Media commentary on the release of the 2013 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index[Read more]

Media Release: Lessons for Business in Essendon Scandal

It is often written that there are parables for business in how sporting organisations operate. The scandal consuming Essendon provides many such lessons.[Read more]