Weekly Wrap – 5th March 2015


Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

Crowdsourcing the Profession

In this past week I posted on LinkedIn a question that was to help me in a presentation that I have been asked to give later on in the year.

The question was “what is the best thing about being an auditor?”

I deliberately didn’t specify whether it was internal or external audit.

The response has been overwhelming.

Not only have I had hundreds of responses; I tallied today I have had about ten thousand views on the question on the groups that I have posted it on; and additionally I have had literally hundreds of emails sent to me directly.

What I will do in time – once I have had the opportunity to collate all that – will be to present all that in a Weekly Wrap.  Present the findings; present the observations and in time present the presentation.

Self Evident Passion

But today what I wanted to talk about was the self-evident passion that everyone who has taken the time to respond has about internal audit.

It struck me as I was reading through each and everyone of the responses that we are our own worst enemies.

Too often we either talk ourselves down; we ridicule our role or alternatively we don’t talk it up.

The Real Leaders of Internal Audit 

Yet the many, many people that have responded to me.

The many, many, many people that have taken the time to consider what is the best thing about internal audit are the true disciples; the true advocates; the true leaders of internal audit.

They come from every corner of the globe and every level of seniority.


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