Weekly Wrap – 4th September 2013


0.37 Vote Compass explained

1.43 What is new about Vote Compass?

2.21 What lessons can be learnt from Vote Compass?


Hi I’m Tom McLeod, Managing Consultant of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

This coming Saturday is the Australian Federal Election where we will have the opportunity to choose our representatives for the next three years.

Now this post is not about politics or policies

Instead what I want to talk today about is the technology called Vote Compass.

Vote Compass was conceived in Canada a number of years ago and was used in a number of their elections and is now being used by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the Australian Federal Election campaign.

What Vote Compass is is a self analysis tool.

You answer approximately thirty questions and then a number of demographic questions and your responses are measured against the pre stated positions of the major parties.

The output is where you sit on the matrix between those major parties.

Now the technology itself is not new and the concept of self analysis is not new.

In this instance what is quite impressive though is that one million Australians have entered their information into the Vote Compass over the last four weeks of the election campaign.

Now what has this got any relevance to the betterment of controls or governance within an organisation?

The concept of self assessment or self analysis is definitely not new for those who have practised in this area over the last fifteen years.

But getting such large numbers is new.

I have often wondered if self assessment is cruelled by having too small a sample size.

Imagine if we did have within our organisations the majority of people filling in self assessment or self analysis tools.

They will only do that where there is a high level of engagement possible and there is something in it for them at the end.

And that is essentially what Vote Compass delivers.

You are an engaged person if you are submitting it in the first instance.

But equally and very importantly it quantifies where you sit on the political spectrum.

My challenge for everyone today is what is it about self assessment within an organisation that we can learn from Vote Compass about increasing stakeholder engagement and if you find that how are you going to role that out now and in future instances where self assessment is relevant.

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