Weekly Wrap – 30th March 2017

Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

Peer recognition versus the CIA.

Which is better?

That is the topic of today’s Weekly Wrap.

This question was asked of us a couple of weeks ago from a very experienced auditor who had never sought to pursue the qualifications of the Institute of Internal Auditors – the Certified Internal Auditor, the CIA.

Instead they argued that their experience inside and outside of audit was much more valuable to them and their organisation than a text book qualification process.

So lets quickly explore both sides.

Peer recognition here for me is not only the recognition of your fellow auditors but also the recognition of your fellow (non audit) staff members.

The challenge with peer recognition is that there is no objective framework to assess quality.

With regards to the CIA it is obviously an objective testing methodology and approach so that is one great benefit.

Equally, though it can be argued that it is a theoretical construct that may not necessarily fully represent challenges and opportunities that an auditor faces.

In the end we agreed that peer recognition was more valuable to your marketability than the CIA but that the CIA gave you a strong theoretical base. 

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