Weekly Wrap – 25th June 2015

Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

1942 New York

In November 1942 the Institute of Internal Auditors convened its first conference.  It was held in New York.

Let’s move forward now to 2015.  In a couple of weeks the International Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors will be held in Vancouver.

Going back over the last couple of years we have had Boston; we have had Atlanta; we have had Orlando; we have had London.

We have Vancouver this year and next year we have New York.

Time to Embrace China and India

What is missing there?

It is a study of the world that internal audit has always existed rather than the future growth where internal audit may and needs to develop.

Where is the focus in these conferences on China?

Where is the focus in these conferences on India?

If you look at the program for the 2015 Vancouver conference there is scant mention of China – there is one overarching economic look at China and, likewise, India.

What About Digital Disruption?

But equally if you look at the program there is no discussion around disruption to the internal audit business model.

It is all, pretty much, the status quo.

My challenge is not that the conferences are poorly run – they are not.  They are wonderfully run.

It is not that they are a bad networking exercise – they are not.  They are a sensational networking exercise.

But what can we – as persons that are passionate about internal audit – do to change the focus?

The Challenge

Perhaps the first step would be to host something more than the Global Council – which was hosted in 2015 in Beijing – in the fastest growing regions in the world.

Have an international conference in China.

Have an international conference in India.

If these conferences are only to make profit then that is perhaps a good reason to keep them on the North American footprint.

If they are to expand our understanding of what it is to be an auditor globally then they have to move away from the shores of what Columbus discovered.


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