Weekly Wrap – 23rd October 2013



0:28 – New York Times article

1:32 – Finding support to deflect criticism


Hi I am Tom McLeod, Managing Consultant of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

A couple of days ago I was sent a link from a New York Times article published in 1879.

The article considered the utility – or otherwise – of Edison’s invention of the electric light.

The article’s heading actually questioned whether there would be application for it.

Now the purpose of today’s Weekly Wrap is to talk about two things.

Firstly don’t be put off by your critics.

Imagine if Edison had of seen that article and decided that the electric light was not worth pursuing.

Where would we be today?

But perhaps the more important lesson from that episode is – what is the framework that you have in place to support yourself.

Being the head of audit, being the head of governance, being the head of risk in any organisation can be an extraordinarily lonely position.

Many don’t have opportunities to seek counsel with others.  And consequently when they are criticised it makes that lonely place even lonelier.

So my suggestion, instruction, hope for you is that you somehow find a mechanism to manage the criticism that inevitably comes with not only one of the more lonely jobs within an organisation but, more importantly, one of the more interesting and fulfilling jobs you will ever do.

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