Weekly Wrap – 23rd July 2015

Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

Hacking Electronic Scoreboards

Many years ago at the advent of electronic scoreboards at sporting grounds I recall reading a story about how someone – in the great spirit of War Games – had hacked into a scoreboard at an event and had posted a public announcement that had caused concern within the stadium.

Hacking Cars

I was reminded of that yesterday when I read a most fascinating article in Wired about how two researchers in the United States had managed to hack into the operating system of a Jeep motor vehicle.

Car hacking, as it is referred to, was an area that I had not previously been aware of or exposed to.  

Hacking the Internet of Things

And it made me to stop and think of the potential for hacking in the world of the Internet of Things.

Now, I am not overly qualified about how to hack the Internet of Things.

More so what I wanted to talk about today is whether the risk and internal audit world is ready for the advent of this new development in cybersecurity.

A good auditor – a good risk manager – will understand cybersecurity as it relates to desktop or mobile applications.

But when it moves into the Internet of Things – where all of a sudden you can turn a car into a brick; when you can open up all the doors in a building or you can shut down the air-conditioning system of a whole suburb that takes cybersecurity to a whole new level.

What is Our Role?

What is the role of internal audit in that space?

Is it to treat cybersecurity in those areas as if they were normal IT applications?

I am not sure that it is.  The scale of what we are talking about now is on a scale that we have perhaps not previously encountered.

Power of Education

Either way this is a fascinating new development – one that I would encourage all of us to educate ourselves on its ramifications and how to prevent. 

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