Weekly Wrap – 12th July 2013

Video Highlights:

00:26 – The Tabloidisation of Big Data
00:43 – Look at trends not content
01:04 – Making yourself part of the organisation
01:15 – Chinese Systemic Corruption
01:38 – China’s attempt to remove corruption from their system


Video Transcription

Welcome to the weekly wrap from McLeod Governance

These are the two things that I would be talking to management about this week:

1. The Tabloidisation of Big Data

Most of us by now have heard of Edward Snowden and his efforts in leaking some sensitive NSA information. Firstly this weekly wrap is not to talk about the politics or the ethics of that situation, more so what I want to talk to you about is what I’m going to phrase “The Tabloidisation of Big Data”.

This is the moment that big data went mainstream, this is the moment that it is on the front page of every paper in the Western if not the whole world talking about things such as meta data, talking about the ability to not look at content but to look at trends.

It is now being talked about in your family home, if it’s not being talked about in your organisation firstly you have to ask yourself why isn’t it being talked about in your organisation. Secondly, if it is being talked about in your organisation and you as a governance/risk or audit professional are not part of that conversation you have to ask yourself why and how can you get yourself into that organisation. Because as I said, this is the moment that big data went mainstream.

2. Chinese Systemic Corruption

The second thing I wanted to talk to you about involves the largest country in the world by population and it’s not for me in the next 30 seconds to try and solve the problems of systemic corruption in China other than just to call out that with the change of leadership a couple of months ago there was a focus on corruption or the removal of corruption from the system.

Interestingly in the last couple of weeks we are starting to see some developments in that area. The former rail chief has been sentenced to a suspended death sentence and secondly the most senior person from the energy department within China has also been found to be corrupt.

What does this mean for us? Well at the moment maybe nothing for your organisation other to say that there seems to be something happening in the terms of the removal of corruption within the Chinese jurisdiction and that can only be a good thing.

Download the transcription here

Download the transcription here

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