Weekly Wrap – 12th February 2015


Hi I am Tom McLeod, Co-Founder of McLeod Governance.

This is what I would be thinking about this week.

First Time Used Internet

Do you remember the first time that you used the internet?

For me it was in 1994 and I recall at the time being amazed.

Obviously the internet went on to change not only how we worked but how we lived.

And in this last week I had a similar experience when I was reading a most fascinating article in the New Yorker.  I have attached a link to that article at the bottom of the transcript to this week’s Weekly Wrap.

Emotive Computing

The article was about emotive computing.

What is emotive computing and why did it amaze me so much?

Put simply emotive computing is the ability of computers or more precisely analytics to interpret the emotions of the person sitting in front of the computer.  It can detect a smile and identify whether it is a wry smile, one based on laughter or one that is grimacing.

Future of Risk Assessment

The reason why I was so amazed was as I sat and read it obviously had impacts for market testing but from my angle I looked at it as the future of risk assessment.

Too often in risk assessment it is the loudest person in the room that wins the argument as to the consequence or likelihood of the risk being discussed.  Sadly that means sometimes that the risk profile – the risk register – is but a reflection of what the CEO or the most senior person says.

Imagine though if people were individually presented with a risk register and the severity of the risk or the priority of the risk was based on how their emotions were when the risk was presented.

You can’t lie with your emotions.

And to take that interpretation further you can’t lie with how you see risk.

Is this the future of risk assessment?  I am not sure but it is a most amazing development.




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