The Violin Theorem of Good Governance

One thing that has always fascinated McLeod Governance is why people like certain pieces of music whilst others would prefer to hear fingers being scratched down a chalkboard than be subjected to the same song.

What is it about a particular piece of music that makes it enjoyable?

For McLeod Governance it is anything that … for a reason that McLeod Governance cannot really explain … has a violin (or violin sounding) section somewhere embedded into the song.

And as much as McLeod Governance knows that the readership is interested in its musical tastes that – surprisingly – is not the focus of this short update.

Rather it is an examination of why it is that certain environments (or certain songs) produce a reaction in the reviewer (or the listener) that are consistently positive.

So translating that to corporate governance – one needs to look for a particular piece of the governance jigsaw that you consider is present in every efficient and effective corporate governance structure.

What is your governance violin and how do you identify it?

For McLeod Governance its governance violin is communication.

There has never been a strong governance environment that has had poor communication.

Never stop looking for your violin!

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