Watching the performance after so many years demonstrates – despite, perhaps it falling out of favour due to subsequent over-exposure – that pure, raw talent is timeless and is always a sight to behold.

Imagine for one moment that you were in the audience that evening in Dublin when Flatley and Jean Butler came on stage as the Eurovision 1994 intermission performance and, within the space of five minutes, re-defined a genre.

The audience were the close witnesses to a demonstration of precision, discipline and re-imagination.

The dance troupe could so easily have been lost to time remembered only as a quaint side act.

Instead they took their one moment in time and forever changed not only their lives but how the rest of the world appreciated their art and passion.

A timely reminder to us all that when the temptress called opportunity presents herself she may only offer her riches once.

We can either take to the stage of life and let our talents live out the wonderment of their full potential or we can stand in the wings wondering what could have been.