The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure

This week’s Report of the Week comes to us courtesy of the United Stated Department of Defense.

It comes with the brilliantly conceived name of Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures.

I will let the introduction explain what it is all about:

The Department of Defense General Counsel’s Office has assembled the following selection of cases of ethical failure for use a training tool.

Our goal is to provide DoD personnel with real examples of Federal employees who have intentionally or unwittingly violated the standards of conduct.

Some cases are humorous, some sad, and all are real.

Some will anger you as a Federal employee and some will anger you as an American taxpayer.

As we read through the document, it struck McLeod Governance that such a similar type of repository would be invaluable in any organisation that is keen to install a corruption resistant culture.

We are the story tellers of our organisations and the Department of Defense is to be congratulated for taking the time and effort to codify (part of) man’s misadventure.

Take the time out to have a read of some of the cases – everyone will have a different case that will resonate.

Share the document widely for its great value is in as many people being aware of what constitutes ethical failure and what are the consequences thereof.

Download PDF (fifth link on attached website)

Download PDF

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