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Weekly Wrap – 1st May 2014

Could risk management be improved by the use of drones?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 20th March 2014

How doing nothing is sometimes the best value you can add. The role of risk and audit in a catastrophe.[Read more]

What Framingham, Massachusetts Can Teach the World of Governance, Risk and Audit

Why aren’t we following the lead of a small town in Massachusetts?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 30th January 2014

“What do I wear to the Audit Committee?” Why knowing what to wear to a Board Meeting is critical to the success of an organisation’s corporate governance.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 20th November 2013

It is never too late to retract a mistake – the question is do you and how do you go about it?[Read more]

The Day the Global Financial Crisis Was Born

Where were you on Thursday 30th September 1999?[Read more]

Key Issues Affecting the Mining Sector

Key issues affecting the mining sector – facilitated discussion[Read more]

The Bleeding Obvious

Our nomination for the Bleeding Obvious That Has Yet to Be Found Award.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 23rd October 2013

Learning to manage criticism is an essential tool of a well performing senior audit, risk or governance professional.[Read more]

Terminal Controls

What should you do with a control that is redundant?[Read more]