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Driven to Despair

How best to manage a fleet of 635,000 vehicles![Read more]

The Games of the 27th Olympiad

The risks associated with one of the greatest sporting events ever.[Read more]

The Jony Ive Theory of Risk

We need to continue to take big risks. [Read more]

Don’t Walk

The very essence of what makes well functioning organisations.[Read more]

20% Death v 80% Survival

What is better? A 20% chance of death or a 80% chance of survival?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 19th February 2015

What happens to risk and audit when the shredding business is booming?[Read more]


Planning for underwater cable breakages in an era of global connectivity.[Read more]

Hacking NASA

Reviewing the security of NASA’s publicly accessible web applications.[Read more]

How Ninjas Killed Risk Management

In affectionate remembrance of Risk Management which died at 1885 Lundy Avenue, San Jose.[Read more]

Three Mile Island – A “Normal” Accident

“It is almost inevitable that some combinations of minor failures will eventually amount to something catastrophic.”[Read more]