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Auditing Controversial Areas

A model report on how to audit an area that is likely to generate controversy and high emotion.[Read more]

Lessons from Northern Rock

Lessons learnt from the sale of the UK largest financial asset.[Read more]

Managing Auntie’s Critical Projects

Managing critical projects in one of the United Kingdom’s highest profile organisations.[Read more]

I’m a Model – You Know What I Mean

United Kingdom National Audit Office’s “Framework to Review Models”[Read more]

Looking Forward

The National Audit Office’s 2015-16 to 2017-18 Strategy.[Read more]

Transforming Contract Management

The root cause of the weaknesses in contract management is failure over many years to establish contract management as a distinct and respected specialism.[Read more]

Checks and Balances

“Viewing a gentleman’s word as his bond, beyond all further challenge, belongs more to a 19th century club than to a 21st century legislature.”[Read more]

Blowing the Whistle – Making a Whistle Blower Policy Work

What does a good whistle blowing program look like?[Read more]

The “Oracle” Reviews – A New Role for Audit and Risk Functions

Audit and risk functions need to act as an oracle whereby interested stakeholders can go to a central place to understand an area of a business.[Read more]

Delivery Environment Complexity Analytic

Pausing at the start of the journey to consider the potential challenges.[Read more]