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Managing Fraud Risk

Does your organisation have the mechanisms in place to appropriately manage the risk of fraud?[Read more]

The Wells Fargo Fraud

Trying to understand the Wells Fargo fraud.[Read more]

Whistleblowing – The Missing Piece

Is transparency the secret to a well run whistleblowing process?[Read more]

Managing Fraud Risk

The United States Government Accountability Office’s Fraud Risk Management Framework.[Read more]

Governing the Governors

Why auditing expense reimbursements matter – transparency promotes trust[Read more]

The Morning Morality Effect

Is it easier to resist opportunities to lie, cheat, steal, and engage in other unethical behavior in the morning than in the afternoon?[Read more]

Caveat Emptor

Do the principles of caveat emptor apply to online fraud?[Read more]

Fraud Control Improvement Kit

A well structured approach to fraud control.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 5th February 2015

Does whistle-blowing work?[Read more]

The Downfall of the “Next Big Thing”

Even the most senior can cross the line to the dark side.[Read more]