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They Said It: Analysing IIA President’s Thoughts

Words are the eyes to the (Internal Audit) soul.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 21st December 2015

A world without Internal Audit.[Read more]

Blast Off!

When you are sitting in an office which has an orbit height of 400km; a maximum speed of 27,600 km/h you need to have confidence that someone has your back![Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 21st October 2015

What would you do differently in your audit career?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 24th September 2015

What role does audit and risk have in a virtual (reality) world?[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 14th May 2015

A good auditor is a seen auditor![Read more]

At the Core

This report has unique resonance with any organisation that seeks to maximise efficiencies from taking a central view of how an organisation should operate.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 12th March 2015

What is the best audit report ever written?[Read more]

Please Sir – Audit Budget Requests

Justifying future funding of audit teams.[Read more]

Weekly Wrap – 26th February 2015

Is India the future of audit?[Read more]