Selling Widgets – A Short Review of Auditors General Webpages

Each and every time we go searching for a Report of the Week we not only visit misdeeds, misadventure and just downright poor control frameworks but also we see a window into how Auditors and Inspectors General promote their material to the world.

And nearly every time we visit their web presence we are amazed at just how little effort goes into effectively promoting all the good work that they have undertaken.

The webpage is either poorly set out in a nod to 1997 web design (how can a country with so many brilliant web designers think that it is a good idea to put as your prominent photo the Auditor General building!); hasn’t been updated since 2013 (you know who you are); combines all the reports into one collected report (oh Canada! and so many other jurisdictions) or has so much information on its landing page that we dont know where to start (ahem GAO!).

So it is refreshing when we visit the Auditor General’s page of that bastion of imminent independence – Scotland.

It is a relatively clean front page that directs your eyes to what has happened recently.

More importantly for us though is when you get to the report page.  It captures in one page everything you need to know:

What was the main issue of the report?

How can I easily download it?

Is there additional context?  We are a great fan of using podcasts to promote information (something we should say others are increasingly doing)

What are some of the key take aways?

Lest anyone think that this is just a serve at Auditors General – far from it.

In 25 years of auditing we have yet to see an equivalent in house production that showcases the work in a way that does justice to the content.

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