We are taking a slightly different tack this week with our Weekly Wrap.

In our last missive we talked about the need for Internal Audit to move away from the shores that Columbus discovered.

To say that we were surprised by the response to our last Weekly Wrap would be an understatement and it is that response that we wanted to document today in lieu of our normal broadcast.

Indeed we had the always ready for a chat global President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Richard Chambers join the discussion on Twitter.

Each newsletter we would get 20+ unsolicited emails / messages asking why the internal audit profession does not give more attention to the two largest countries in the world – China and India.  

For this last Weekly Wrap we received 100+ emails saying (yelling!) that the IIA is not globally representative; that the IIA Board has no Indian and only one Chinese representative; that little or no attention is given to Indian or Chinese specific control issues or case studies and that the IIA has not grown the profession in these two countries to the extent that it has offered assistance elsewhere. 

Even Richard’s tweet setting out the schedule of future conferences resulted within a couple of hours with 15 direct messages from people pointing out with New York in 2016; Sydney in 2017 and Dubai in 2018 – assuming that there will be a North American conference in 2019 – that it will be 2020 before India or China will be granted the right to host a Conference and the mid 2020s before the other country gets the opportunity.

Greater minds than ours will determine whether there is an accuracy in their comments.  

As always we suspect that there is an cocktail of truth, emotion, parochialism and commercial self interest at play.

As our original post articulated – none of this is intended to be a reflection on the quality of the conferences.  May they continue to be the enjoyable and well run events that they are.

Normal broadcasting will resume next time! 

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