McLeod Governance Index

One of the most basic and important tools that we use in our work is a risk map – call it that, call it a risk assurance map, a risk assessment map – when it comes down to it is some form of assessment of what are your risks and what you are doing about them.

Risk maps in their many variations are not new so we thought for this week’s McLeod Governance Index we would see whether there has been any significant change in interest in them – via our trusty friend Google Trends.

And it turns out that – save for a couple of one offs – over the last 5 years interest in risk maps have stayed steady.

So what does that mean for the risk management obsessed that have made it this far into the post?

There are some certainties in life – taxes, death.

And there will always be people wanting a good concise overview of the risks impacting an organisation (and what the organisation is doing about them).

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