Report of the Week

Build It and They Will Come

When next there is a pig headiness in your organisation to get the job done – be the person to ask whether the job still needs to be done!
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Looking Back

Reflections of a retiring Auditor General[Read more]

Walking the Talk

Following up audit recommendations[Read more]

Corruption. Illustrated.

A short – but telling – illustration of how corruption rots everything.[Read more]

Driven to Despair

How best to manage a fleet of 635,000 vehicles![Read more]


The Deflategate report has equal – if not more – relevance in the Boardrooms of organisations worldwide as it does in the locker room.
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Implementation. Failed.

The opening sentence of the report: “.. does not have a good track record with information and communications technology (ICT) projects” says it all.[Read more]

At the Core

This report has unique resonance with any organisation that seeks to maximise efficiencies from taking a central view of how an organisation should operate.[Read more]

Please Sir – Audit Budget Requests

Justifying future funding of audit teams.[Read more]

Fraud Control Improvement Kit

A well structured approach to fraud control.[Read more]