Report of the Week

Hacking the Future

Why understanding how vehicles can be hacked is important to your management of emerging (non vehicular) risks.[Read more]

Center for Lessons Learned

Is this a future core service offering not yet known of risk management and internal audit?
[Read more]

I’m a Model – You Know What I Mean

United Kingdom National Audit Office’s “Framework to Review Models”[Read more]

The Year of the Blockchain

2016 could be the year when the blockchain arrived. Are you ready for it?[Read more]

Blast Off!

When you are sitting in an office which has an orbit height of 400km; a maximum speed of 27,600 km/h you need to have confidence that someone has your back![Read more]

Blowing the Trumpet

Every organisation should be considering how they can promote (without it being propaganda) their successes and the value that it adds.[Read more]

Managing Fraud Risk

The United States Government Accountability Office’s Fraud Risk Management Framework.[Read more]

Governing the Governors

Why auditing expense reimbursements matter – transparency promotes trust[Read more]

The Overcrowded Library of Poor ICT Implementations

An addition to the overcrowded library of what can go wrong in an ICT implementation.[Read more]

A Big Project

“Done little worth commending to address my recommendations and their underlying issues.”[Read more]