Report of the Week

Looking in the Mirror

Done well self assessment is a very powerful tool in the diagnosis and ultimate rectification of a deficient control environment. [Read more]

A Good Chief Information Security Officer

What makes a good Chief Information Security Officer?[Read more]


The corporate governance structure … did not cause the power supply to fail, but through its effect on governance an opportunity to prevent it was lost.[Read more]

The Baby Gang Members

The challenges of keeping a clean and up to date database.[Read more]

All Aboard

A good analysis of what happens when there is over-promising and under-delivering.[Read more]

Lessons from Northern Rock

Lessons learnt from the sale of the UK largest financial asset.[Read more]

Dancing in the Dark – Brexit’s Impact

A (if not THE) classic case study of the manifestation of a known macro risk[Read more]

Whistleblowing – The Missing Piece

Is transparency the secret to a well run whistleblowing process?[Read more]

Living in the Past

Can you guess which critical US IT system runs on an IBM Series/1 Computer and uses 8-inch floppy disks? Managing IT legacy systems.[Read more]

Managing Auntie’s Critical Projects

Managing critical projects in one of the United Kingdom’s highest profile organisations.[Read more]