Report of the Week

The Tahitian Prince Fraud

A play book of fraudulent intent, ineffective systems and processes and people willing not to see what was right before their eyes.[Read more]

Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest (Mutual Experience Benefits All)

An extraordinarily look at the world of independent assurance through the eyes of the global collective of Supreme Audit Institutions.[Read more]

Reflections from the Top

Reflections of an Auditor General.[Read more]

China National Audit Office – Performance Report

An insight into the size of the Auditor General’s task in the world’s most populated country.[Read more]

Corruption Prevention – Perpetual Effort

Defining corruption prevention education reach and what are the levers by which one ups or downs the education spend.[Read more]

Hell on Earth

The lessons of Black Saturday are relevant to anyone seeking to protect themselves in times of urgent and critical need.[Read more]

The Bell Tolls

What lessons can be learnt from trying to introduce new technology on a grand scale?[Read more]

I Paid A Bribe

How a crowdsourcing effort in India may just change the face of corruption prevention forever.[Read more]

Hard Landing

Welcome to a report that details what happens when “the entire process of acquisition … deviated from the laid down procedures.”[Read more]

High Speed 2

Which delivers more benefits? A post implementation review or a pre implementation review?[Read more]