Report of the Week

One Shot – Lessons Learnt from Hosting a Major Sporting Event

The 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games is a case study in what not to do for all those that are tasked with undertaking an one off event.[Read more]

Oversight of Critical Infrastructure – Lessons from Transport Canada

What lessons can be taken from how Transport Canada oversees the Canadian rail network?[Read more]

They’ve Got Our Data

This report is a timely reminder to get one’s house in order before the moment comes when someone yells “they’ve got our data!”[Read more]

The “Oracle” Reviews – A New Role for Audit and Risk Functions

Audit and risk functions need to act as an oracle whereby interested stakeholders can go to a central place to understand an area of a business.[Read more]

The Curious Case of John C. Beale

How a highly paid climate-change expert managed to defraud the government of nearly $1m by pretending for a decade to be an undercover CIA agent.[Read more]

The Rainbow Nation’s Governance and Risk Management Scorecard

How does the Rainbow Nation measure up to the lofty goals of world class corporate governance?[Read more]


Lessons learnt from when the winds of corporate restructuring pass your desk.[Read more]

Picking Up the Pieces

Lessons learnt from repairing Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake.[Read more]

What Matthew Broderick Taught Me About Cyber Security

Lessons from the 1983 movie classic.[Read more]

Delivery Environment Complexity Analytic

Pausing at the start of the journey to consider the potential challenges.[Read more]