Master Class

The Baby Gang Members

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Does Internal Audit Have a Gender Issue?

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All Aboard

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We the People

What could go wrong when you encourage 24 million people to go online at the same time?[Read more]

Lessons from Northern Rock

Lessons learnt from the sale of the UK largest financial asset.[Read more]

Risk and Audit’s Pokémon Go Moment

Could Pokémon Go – are more precisely augmented reality – revolutionize risk and audit advisory? [Read more]

Rise of the Machines

What an Uber trip taught me about the next frontier of risk.[Read more]

Dancing in the Dark – Brexit’s Impact

A (if not THE) classic case study of the manifestation of a known macro risk[Read more]

Whistleblowing – The Missing Piece

Is transparency the secret to a well run whistleblowing process?[Read more]

Predicting the Future

The fundamental question that all risk management systems must confront[Read more]