Master Class

Destination: Mars 2020

The challenges in a project to support the NASA’s goal of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s.[Read more]

Contract Management in Haste

Last week the Australian National Audit Office released a most fascinating report into the contract management of the offshore facilities that Australia uses in their processing of refugees. For the avoidance of all doubt this analysis of that report[Read more]

Analysing IIA Global President’s 2016 Missives

From the Global President’s Mouth.[Read more]

Looking in the Mirror

Done well self assessment is a very powerful tool in the diagnosis and ultimate rectification of a deficient control environment. [Read more]

Can Audit Survive in a Post-Truth World?

Is this the decline of internal audit and we don’t yet know it?[Read more]

Cleaning Up Corruption

Can you clean up corruption?[Read more]

A Good Chief Information Security Officer

What makes a good Chief Information Security Officer?[Read more]

Ashes to Ashes – The Canadian Phoenix Pay System Debacle

No public servants should ever have to go without the pay they have earned. [Read more]


The corporate governance structure … did not cause the power supply to fail, but through its effect on governance an opportunity to prevent it was lost.[Read more]

The Wells Fargo Fraud

Trying to understand the Wells Fargo fraud.[Read more]