Honestly Lay Bare

The HLB Internal Control Indicator

We have devised an indicator of the strengthening of an internal control environment.[Read more]

Gut Feel

Who knew Mercedes are actually a necessity and demand for them actually increases in times of once every 80 years economic uncertainty![Read more]


Why a crisis isn’t danger + opportunity[Read more]

Why I Am Corrupt

Why I am corrupt.[Read more]

One Minute to Midnight

When it is One Minute to Midnight who will have the courage to override the seemingly infallible?[Read more]

The Cousin Oliver Syndrome

Beware the Cousin Oliver Syndrome on your next project![Read more]

The Fat Controller’s Problem

The trains that are too wide for their platforms![Read more]

You’ve Got Mail

Detecting organisation threatening corporate stress real time – via email analysis.[Read more]

The Pagodas of Japan

How do risk management frameworks handle sudden stresses? Lessons from 1,400 years of building pagodas.[Read more]

London’s Great Stink of 1858

Why London’s sewerage system is one of the great examples of project management.[Read more]