Honestly Lay Bare

From Whence We Came

On a cold day in New York in December 1941 the Williams Club opened its doors and the history of internal audit would never be the same.[Read more]

Are You Being Served?

What do you consider to be good internal audit and risk management customer service?
[Read more]

The Words Not (or Less) Spoken

Looking for things we cannot see. An analysis of a year’s blogs of the President of the Institute of Internal Audit.[Read more]

They Said It: Analysing IIA President’s Thoughts

Words are the eyes to the (Internal Audit) soul.[Read more]

The World’s Most Boring Conference

What is the World’s Most Boring Conference?[Read more]

The Fosbury Flop

When will risk management have its Fosbury Flop moment?[Read more]

Back to the Future

Where we are going, we don’t need roads – the Internal Audit time machine![Read more]

The Volkswagen Era

We are entering the Volkswagen Era. Buckle up for this is a ride of “stuffing up” on a global scale.[Read more]

The Morning Morality Effect

Is it easier to resist opportunities to lie, cheat, steal, and engage in other unethical behavior in the morning than in the afternoon?[Read more]

The Mystery of Courage

Does courage have a role to play in risk management?[Read more]