Honestly Lay Bare


The history of risk management is also a history of the colour coding of levels of risk. Should a very, very high risk be red or should it be something different to red because we usually use red to signify a high risk … and actually … wh[Read more]

I Am the Walrus

As we approach the fourth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill we take you back to one of the surreal moments in the subsequent investigations[Read more]

We Were Not Found Wanting

“Our pride is not that we were swept up by the whirlwind of tragic history, but that when we were, we were not found wanting.”[Read more]

Confessions of an Undercover Auditor

Just why couldn’t we have undercover auditors?[Read more]

The London World War 2 Blackout

Testing the unintended consequences of a new process, a new control, a new framework.[Read more]

The Moment Information Security Changed Forever

We hereby declare actor Reg Varney as one of the most important people in the history of information system security.[Read more]

On Board

For the perpetual record of those that will be reading McLeod Governance in 100 years time we predict that the role of the Board of Directors will change fundamentally … and within our lifetime.[Read more]

The Advocatus Diaboli

Imagine if there was such a thing as a corporate Devil’s Advocate[Read more]

A Corporation’s May Day Call

It is time for the Governance Distress Call.[Read more]

The Day the Global Financial Crisis Was Born

Where were you on Thursday 30th September 1999?[Read more]