Looking Back

If only so as to give McLeod Governance fodder for future Reports of the Week we believe that it should be mandatory for all Auditors General the world over to write a reflections paper at the ending of their tenure.

These are the people that we – or more precisely our elected representatives – have decided are the most appropriate people to do what good Auditors General do: to shine the light of transparency into the darkest of corners.

It is not an exaggeration to say that without these people performing their roles well a key element of a democratic and well functioning society is missing.

We have previously looked at the reflections of the departing Australian State of New South Wales Auditor General.

Today we look at the less well presented but equally content rich observations of the recently retired Australian Auditor General, Ian McPhee.

McPhee observed:

The better the standing of the office, the easier the access for staff and their engagement with the right people

And interestingly:

Financial statement audit role is important but performance audits have a higher profile and generally of greater interest.

His observations are brief and to the point but worthy for any Chief Audit Executive to read over and consider its relevance to their organisation.


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