Entries by author: Tom McLeod

Living in the Past

Can you guess which critical US IT system runs on an IBM Series/1 Computer and uses 8-inch floppy disks? Managing IT legacy systems.[Read more]

The Illusion of Assurance

In the same way that waters seeks out the path of least resistance, so do people when faced with a control at “breaking point”.[Read more]

Managing Auntie’s Critical Projects

Managing critical projects in one of the United Kingdom’s highest profile organisations.[Read more]

From Whence We Came

On a cold day in New York in December 1941 the Williams Club opened its doors and the history of internal audit would never be the same.[Read more]

Hacking the Future

Why understanding how vehicles can be hacked is important to your management of emerging (non vehicular) risks.[Read more]

Are You Being Served?

What do you consider to be good internal audit and risk management customer service?
[Read more]

Center for Lessons Learned

Is this a future core service offering not yet known of risk management and internal audit?
[Read more]

The Words Not (or Less) Spoken

Looking for things we cannot see. An analysis of a year’s blogs of the President of the Institute of Internal Audit.[Read more]

I’m a Model – You Know What I Mean

United Kingdom National Audit Office’s “Framework to Review Models”[Read more]

They Said It: Analysing IIA President’s Thoughts

Words are the eyes to the (Internal Audit) soul.[Read more]